Accidents The most common types in Oklahoma

Accidents can happen to anyone

Many residents in Oklahoma suffer from accidents every year caused by carelessness or the negligence of another person. Although all accidents are different, there are some types that are more common than others, such as car accidents, workplace accidents, premises accidents, and medical malpractice. In many cases, these accidents render the victim unable to live their daily life as they used to.

Car Accidents

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Job Accidents

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Premises Accidents

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Types of Common Accidents

Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are the most common, and they can result in serious physical, emotional, and financial harm to the victims. Whether due to a serious drunk driving wreck, a bumper-to-bumper accident, or a head-on collision, Oklahomans who are involved in an injurious car accident often turn to a personal injury lawyer in Lawton, OK to help them recover and make headway on returning to life as usual.

Workplace Accidents

Most workers expect to show up at work every day with the ability to perform their duties in a safe, hazard-free environment. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Many employees must manage working in places that can lead to injuries or other types of harm. Those employees who are injured at work are eligible for workers' compensation benefits until they fully recover and can return to work.

Premises Accidents

Many injuries in Oklahoma happen while away from home. In these cases, a person gets injured on the property of someone else, usually at a business, a government agency, or a neighbor. Many of these injuries happen due to slipping and falling or because a property owner did not follow building and safety codes. Sometimes injuries occur due to faulty equipment or from inadequate warning of dangers.

Medical Malpractice Accidents

Medical malpractice cases develop when patients claim that they received inadequate care from a doctor or another type of medical professional. These accidents can result in illnesses, complications, amputations, and in some cases, death. In these cases, victims must be able to prove that a hospital or physician violated standards of care and that adverse complications occurred as a result.